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Imagine how different you would feel if you started your first teaching job being totally prepared and having a complete understanding of what it is you are expected to do and know? Would that alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that all first year teachers feel?

Everything you need to start primary school teaching feeling confident and prepared is right here.

Primary School Teachers Survival Guide Books


Thinking about all the things you need to do or just don't know where to start?  Well say goodbye to stressful all-night planning and get your step-by-step guide on what you need to do to be a successful primary school teacher.

The Survival Guide for Beginning Primary School Teachers is a 56 page resource like no other book. Why? Because the book was written in consultation with university students. By that I mean the whole contents of the book came directly from questions University education students wanted answers to.

It's a resource that was put together by an Australian primary school teacher with many years experience in the classroom and who, when lecturing education students, found a passion for wanting to help beginning teachers. So what were the questions university students wanted answers to?   Read more..

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Primary School Relief Teachers Survival Resources


Is it the start of a new year and you haven't been given a permanent teaching position yet? What do you do? Relief Teaching.

It is the best way to practise your newly acquired teaching skills and to pick up some other useful tips in the classroom. Would you also like support with this too?

Our new 26 page Relief Teacher eBook covers all the important areas a Relief teacher needs to know about: What to take with you on your relief teaching day, Tips for having a successful relief day and hopefully gaining more work, activities for Getting to know your students, Behaviour management strategies and PE lessons that require no equipment.

The other great thing about these resources is that you have the option of buying these resources separately or altogether in one convenient eBook. Read more...

Primary School Relief Teacher Resources

Primary School Teachers Survival Resources


Would you like to know an experienced teachers most valuable resources? As a beginning primary school teacher you don't have the privilege of knowing which resources are going to be invaluable to you each year.

Well! Now you do.  As an experienced teacher I am sharing with you those teaching resources that I use EVERY year in my classroom and that I have spent many hours researching or making.

There will not be a day that goes by when you’re not asking yourself, “What do I need to do to help this student achieve a better academic outcome?” or “How do I improve my abilities as a teacher so I can provide the best teaching experience for my class?” Start by looking in the Quick Resources section where you will find plenty of resources to help you get started quickly.

You will be overwhelmed at the start of the year as to how much you need to do, plan and prepare.  So... don't spend hours making resources that are already done for you.  Start creating your box of tools and tricks with the most used and valued resources in a teacher's classroom.  Read more...Primary School Relief Teacher Resources


'A Survival Guide for Beginning Primary School Teachers would make a wonderful Graduation Present for any Beginning Teacher'

My first term of teaching was such a blur and I was totally unprepared for the amount of extra work that I had to prepare. A Survival Guide for Beginning Primary School Teachers was truly an amazing support in helping me get started. A great resource to have in your toolkit.
James Bray, Year 2 teacher

Kari Finsen’s Survival Guide for Beginning Primary Teachers has proven to be a tremendous support for many of our graduates. Many report that it has provided a rock of support for them in their first weeks of teaching in 'the real world'. Packed full of ready-to-use unit outlines and planning proformas, it is a practical and workable guide for first-time teachers."
Susan Morgan


I am confident that A Survival Guide for Beginning Primary School Teachers is an invaluable resource for every new Australian teacher. If you are not satisfied with the book return it to me within 30 days and get
a refund.





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